Expiriences and courses of natural horsemanship and centered riding.

Opening our senses we connect and comunnicate with horses in a relationship of respect and trust. 

Through observation, interaction and practical exercises, we acquire the basics knowledge of natural horsemanship and centered riding. 

We practice riding experimenting pleasure, learning and fun in a safe and loving environment.


From one session to depest course.

Ask for course and workshopsm

Ideal for children or adults who want to face their fears and heal wounds.The horse as master guides us to connect with our own essence

PROGRAM . 60 to 90 min.*

1.  Horse approach in liberty, 20 min .
2.  Horses cares, 15 min .
3.  Foot exercises at the stable , 15 min 
4.  Centered Ride, 30 min .
5.  Equine release , 10 min .

* According to the number of participants


                                               SHEDULE TIME                                                                                                                                                       

MORNING: Between 10 to 11:30 hrs. / AFTERNOON: Between 15 to 18 hrs.                               

                                                                                                                                                                          Only with reservation.     Máximum 4 persons.   


       RATE: $ 30.000 CLP. P/P    or   55 USD. P/P  (discpunt for more of 1 person)


Personalized  & private service,

Bilingual Guide,

Full riding and safety equipment ,

Integration of the companions

Courtesy Te and coffe. 


From 3 year old.

For all types of capacities.


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