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Puerto Varas, Ruta 225 a Ensenada, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.

End of the world journey

Horseback riding, Temper and 
ancient ways of life

Stay from 4 días in Tierra del Fuego


We invite you to live a deep, intimate and authentic journey in end of the world, where time seems to have stopped.


Located at the foot of the Darwin mountain range, surrounded by herds of wild horses, guanacos and the original flora and fauna of Tierra del Fuego, you will live the magical culture of tamers and sheepmen.


Entering their routines you will live their customs combining daily horseback riding, fishing, cooking, campfire and exploring a natural environment closely linked to man.



Depending on the number of days of your stay, you will be able to expand the activities to your liking and preference..

Day 1: Arrival to Pampa Guanacos

1. Magellan Strait Crossing: From Punta Arenas to Porvenir by boat.
2. Crossing Tierra del Fuego: From Porvenir to Pampa Guanacos
3. Full dinner
4. Accommodation (ideal to bring sleeping bag)

Day 2: 1. Breakfast
             2. The Herd: meeting the horses
             3. Lunch
             4. Horseback riding (2-3 hrs)
             5. Dinner

Day 3: 1. Breakfast

             2. Wild Horses Journey: Horseback ride (7 hrs./Lunch) 
             3. Dinner 


Day 4: 1. Breakfast
             2. Tame Sessions 
             3. Lunch
             4. Horseback riding (2-3hrs)
             5. Fishing
             6. Dinner

Day 5:  Return to Punta Arenas
            1. Breakfast
            2. From Pampa Guanacos to Porvenir
            3. Cross Strait of Magellan. Arrival to Punta Arenas.




  • FISHING (Fario and rainbow trouts)





Darwin mountain range, steppe fields, centennial forests of Lenga, Rivers, Lakes, See and fresh semi-desert Pampas.

INCLUDES (* by choice)

  • Shelter Accommodation

  • Full transport (*)

  • Complete feeding

  • Horseman: Local guide and tamer.

  • Complete equipment: riding and safety,


     Over 7 and under 80 years.
      It does not require previous experience.



The activity requires that its passengers do not present physical and psychic conditions that could limit the ability to concentrate, react or move. The activity is not recommended in case of pregnancy. Nor in people with obesity. Participants must complete and sign the registration form and acceptance of conditions, stating that they know the risks associated with a sport adventure activity (horseback riding).

Weather conditions:

Activities may vary if extreme weather conditions occur or if the passenger requires it. excessive rains, snowfall, high winds or obvious risk of forest fire or thunderstorm.



Clothing and basic items:
o Comfortable and spare clothing: long pants, coat, windbreaker and grim reaper.
                                            o Sunscreen in summer and hat.
                                            o Footwear closed

Payment methods :     Electronic transfer, Pay Pal and Cash
                                     50% payment for reservation confirmation.
                                    Special agreements for agencies and tour operators

Cancellation policy:

Customer cancellation return policy: Cancellations before 30 days of service, withholding 25% of the value of the service. Cancellation within 10 days before the service, withholding of 50% of the value of the service (subscription).