Just 10 minutes from Puerto Varas city, Alanca is located in a Nature Sanctuary on the shores of Llanquihue lake.


The moving nature of Patagonia inspires us to share the love of horses, the adventure of interacting with them and the passion for our flora and fauna.


"Al" Spanish word meaning "go in" ; "Anca", Mapudungun word which means “ belly " , "body" , " middle of something “.

Invites  you to connect with your another half ; that half where  the  rider and the horse are  only one, same as Man and Nature  are.

Family Business

Serviced by owners



Animal Love & Respect

Nature Santuary

Endemic flor & fauna

We speak:

                                       English                        French                      Spanish                  Portuguese

¿Why "Alanca"?


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Puerto Varas, Ruta 225 a Ensenada, Región de Los Lagos, Chile.